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Microserfs v. Ghostbusters

By on Feb 16, 1997 in GB | 0 comments

A chapter from the bestselling book by Douglas Coupland SATURDAY Garage sale day. It was a real “Zen-o-thon” –we decided the time ahd arrived to shake ourselves of all out worldly crap and become minimalists –or at least try starting from scratch again –more psychic pioneering. “This is so ‘Zenny,'” Bug said happily,...

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Canned Ghost

By on Jan 1, 1997 in GB | 0 comments

Recognize this? You likely don’t but it’s a Ghost-In-A-Can. If you were to hold it you’d notice that it’s light, like it’s empty. Well, in a twist on the old Yell-In-A-Can or Breeze-In-A-Can, Ghost-In-A-Can is an empty can. Or is it? The label warns “do not open without proper Ghostbuster supervision” and you can bet the...

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