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Interview: Fil Barlow

By on Nov 29, 1998 in EGB, FEATURES, MISC, RGB | 0 comments

Fil Barlow has a job that most people would die for. He draws. A lot. And he might be Australian. With a huge background in both print comics and animation, Fil has his name attached to shows like the Alf animated series and C.O.P.S.. Currently he’s working on the Godzilla animated series. But of more importance the the average Ghostbusters fan, Fil worked on...

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Interview: Alita Holly

By on Nov 11, 1998 in FEATURES, GB, MISC, VIDEO | 0 comments

As you might have heard, there’s been word that Columbia would be releasing a special edition of Ghostbusters on DVD. Well it’s all true. Proton Charging had the opportunity to talk to A.H., producer for the project, and huge Harold Ramis fan. The paraphrased conversation is as follows: PC: When? WHEN!? AH: There’s no official street date yet, but...

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Interview: Jean-Marc Lofficier

By on Oct 9, 1998 in FEATURES, RGB | 0 comments

After running into his webpage quite by accident, PC approached Jean-Marc Lofficier for an interview. Jean-Marc responded almost immediately (which leads me to suspect he’s in front of his computer a lot) and agreed. Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier have an interesting Ghostbusters pedigree. First Randy wrote what appears to be the very first article ever written...

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Amazing Fans Pt.1: Making Dolls

By on Sep 22, 1998 in FANS, GB | 0 comments

Many Ghostbuster fans have started detailing their passion online. Some build props, others make art or write fan fiction. And some get really creative. Jade, a fan of a number of cartoons, has started making her own Ghostbuster dolls, like the RGB team pictured here. Using hand painted wood and handmade cloth bodies Jade has created some amazing dolls. Not 100%...

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Ghostbusters in Paris script – PC exclusive

By on Sep 10, 1998 in MISC | 0 comments

Proton Charging Presents – Ghostbusters In Paris by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS “The Ghostbusters in Paris” by Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier FADE IN: EXT EIFFEL TOWER – DAY ESTABLISHING SHOT of the Paris skyline. It is a beautiful, sunny day. The view looks like a Matisse painting. Some ACCORDION MUSIC sets the mood:...

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