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Interview: Fil Barlow

By on Nov 29, 1998 in EGB, FEATURES, MISC, RGB | 0 comments

Fil Barlow has a job that most people would die for. He draws. A lot. And he might be Australian. With a huge background in both print comics and animation, Fil has his name attached to shows like the Alf animated series and C.O.P.S.. Currently he’s working on the Godzilla animated series. But of more importance the the average Ghostbusters fan, Fil worked on...

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Interview: Alita Holly

By on Nov 11, 1998 in FEATURES, GB, MISC, VIDEO | 0 comments

As you might have heard, there’s been word that Columbia would be releasing a special edition of Ghostbusters on DVD. Well it’s all true. Proton Charging had the opportunity to talk to A.H., producer for the project, and huge Harold Ramis fan. The paraphrased conversation is as follows: PC: When? WHEN!? AH: There’s no official street date yet, but...

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