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Ramis pokes fun at Internet rumour mill

By on Mar 17, 1999 in GB3, MISC | 0 comments

An interesting item from the DMZ. In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph (a Sydney, Australia newspaper) Harold Ramis poked a little fun at the exaggerated hype surrounding a possible third installment to the Ghostbusters series. When asked if he had any suggestions who should star in a third movie, Ramis quipped; “Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck,...

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Ghostbusters RPG: Checklist

By on Mar 6, 1999 in FEATURES, GAMES, MERCH |

I had many a fun weekend in school playing the Ghostbusters Role Playing Game. It was simple, it could be taught to anyone in minutes, and of course, it was Ghostbusters. So it was automatically fun. Sadly, West End Games went under last year, so should another movie ever get made, it remains to be seen if anyone will produce more materials for the game. The GB RPG...

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