Aykroyd Interview Sez GB3 In Jeopardy

While most GB fans realised that it was unrealistic to hope for a sequel to Ghostbusters anytime soon, the few who still had high hopes were crushed today by Dan Aykroyd’s interview on Access Hollywood.

“It doesn’t look good right now, and I’m sorry to say that.”, said Aykroyd.

Basically the interview confirmed that;

* Aykroyd’s relations with Sony were sour that that after 10 years of working with them (indirectly through Columbia) he would be moving his offices off the studio lot.
* That a sequel would cost an estimated $120 Million US to produce.
* That Sony turned cold on the idea of a sequel in the wake of the indie hit The Blair Witch Project.
* There would be no hope of a rival studio making the sequel since Sony holds the rights to the movie.
* The Ghostbusters franchise has grossed over $1.5 Billion US worldwide and that third sequel could bring in as much as another $500 Million.

Aykroyd said that he wasn’t angry over the matter, rather he was “resigned and passionate”. His suggestion to Sony was simple;

“Sometimes you have to seed for the big harvest to come in.”

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