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Ramis talks film with Las Vegas Weekly

By on Mar 3, 2000 in MISC | 0 comments

I’m not sure how I missed this when it went up… exactly a full year ago. The Las Vegas Weekly had an interview with Harold Ramis. Mostly it was about Analyze This, but he talks a bit about the third GB movie (bear in mind that this was prior to Dan Aykroyd’s fall out with...

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Russian republic issues GB stamp

By on Jan 17, 2000 in MERCH |

No kidding. The tiny Russian republic of Abkhazia has become quite famous lately for issuing special stamps (a favorite of many small countries looking to make, I dunno, a name for themselves – serious, raise your hand if you knew where Abkhazia was.) One sheet of particular interest to GB fans is the “films of the 1980s” sheet. The sheet of nine...

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