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Tomart’s features RGB figures.

By on Oct 24, 2001 in MERCH |

Action figure fans will want to pick up this month’s Tomart’s Action Figure Digest. Issue 92 (November) of the guide has a big feature on The Real Ghostbuster action figures. And I mean big. In addition to the usual, comprehensive Tomart’s coverage (which includes high quality photos of all the figures and a price guide) there is also a much more...

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And Ghostbusters begat Star Wars.

By on Oct 24, 2001 in MISC | 0 comments

In my web wanderings I stumbled upon this great article on the history of movies made into role playing games. Written by RPG designer and writer S. John Ross, the brief history takes a considerable look at the Ghostbusters RPG, which Ross claims “all but reinvented RPG design”. Heck, I’m not going to argue with the...

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