Tomart’s features RGB figures.

Action figure fans will want to pick up this month’s Tomart’s Action Figure Digest. Issue 92 (November) of the guide has a big feature on The Real Ghostbuster action figures. And I mean big. In addition to the usual, comprehensive Tomart’s coverage (which includes high quality photos of all the figures and a price guide) there is also a much more indepth photo collection of unproduced figures in the line and an interesting article on the rights dispute between Filmation and Columbia Pictures.

We’ve often assumed that Filmation opened litigation against Columbia. As it turns out (or at least according to Tomart’s article) Columbia was free and clear to use “Ghostbusters” without Filmation’s permission. When Filmation began work on their cartoon Ghost Busters, it was Columbia who turned it into a legal issue. You learn something new everyday.