I don’t claim to be a big Alien Ant Farm fan (though I do dig their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”), but their recent decision to redo the music video for their song “Movies” has caught my eye as a GB fan.

As lead singer Dryden Mitchell put it, “Once we knew radio was going to back Movies, it was pretty obvious for us to go and do a real video for it. The one we did before was [made in] three hours [of] drunken behavior.”

So why is a remake of a music video of interest to you Ghostheads out there? The new video features the band jumping into a movie screen, a la Purple Rose of Cairo and spoofing a variety of movies – from Karate Kid to, you guessed it, Ghostbusters.

You can view the video online at MTV.com, but you will need RealPlayer.

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