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There were lights, and growling…

By on Dec 2, 2003 in MISC |

While at my local comic shoppe, and going through the Previews for the comic (yay) I chanced upon a listing for Ghostbusters light strings – you know, like Christmas light strings. These alternate between Slimer (very movie style) and the no-ghost logo. Very keen, though I don’t think they’ll be here for x-mas proper. Still, they’ll be great...

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Win (won) a GB comic poster!

By on Dec 2, 2003 in COMICS |

You’re thinking, “a bit late, aren’t we?” Yes. Sorry about that. I know this was supposed to wrap up a week ago, but I got knocked flat by the cold. Nasty. I slimed me, so to speak. But that doesn’t change the fact that I got postcards and someone won the poster. Namely, Ben Squires! Congrats, the poster and the stickers will be on...

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88mph GB interview and preview

By on Nov 23, 2003 in COMICS |

Newsarama has put up their article looking at the upcoming 88mph Studios Ghostbusters comic, along with some sweet preview art. Check it out here. Also, 88mph has provided an order form on their website that you can print out and take down to your local comic...

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Get ready to buy GB comic

By on Nov 11, 2003 in COMICS | 0 comments

This is just a heads up that the GB comic will be solicited in the upcoming Previews catalog by Diamond Distributors. The catalog should be available November 26th – don’t worry, you don’t have to buy the catalog, you can just ask your local comic shop to order the GB comic for you. Sebastien Clavet of 88mph Studios dropped a note that the comic is...

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