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X-Entertainment chews bubble-gum and kicks ass.

By on Mar 14, 2003 in MERCH |

X-Entertainment, purveyors of reverent, yet cynical nostalgia, has once again visited the land of GB (“we make things right”). This time they’ve decided to examine Slimer Bubble-Gum. If you don’t remember this stuff, it was gum that came in a tube. There was a wide variety of tube gum back then, though it was an odd concept. After all,...

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Premiere GB game developer wins award.

By on Mar 8, 2003 in GAMES, GB | 0 comments

David Crane, along with four fellow video game pioneers, received the International Game Developer’s Association Penguin award. The penguin award is given out yearly to gaming luminaries who made a mark on the gaming industry by going somewhere no one had gone before them. In this case, Crane and co. left their other jobs in the fledging game industry and...

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ERTL to release 1/18 scale Ecto-1.

By on Mar 8, 2003 in MISC |

While details are slim, Collectors Net USA has posted information stating that ERTL, through their American Muscle line, will be producing a 1/18 scale Ecto-1. The die-cast, preassembled car (this is not a model kit) will be available this December apparently. I’m trying to find out more information and will let you know as soon as I know more. credit |...

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