X-Entertainment chews bubble-gum and kicks ass.

X-Entertainment, purveyors of reverent, yet cynical nostalgia, has once again visited the land of GB (“we make things right”). This time they’ve decided to examine Slimer
Bubble-Gum. If you don’t remember this stuff, it was gum that came in a tube. There was a wide variety of tube gum back then, though it was an odd concept. After all, what’s
the point of bubble-gum that’s already at a chewed consistancy? Anyhow, to learn more about this gum (or at least what it like to consume some 15 years after it came out)
you can read the article here.
X-Entertainment’s previous looks at Ghostbusters includes a review of the RGB episode, “Citizen Ghost” and
Ghostbusters and Tacos (about the Taco Bell ads around the time the GB DVD was released).

credit | Johny Knoxville