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Johhny Lightning diecast diorama – Update.

By on Apr 16, 2003 in MISC |

Well, here’s some good news and bad news about the Johnny Lightning Ghostbuster Diorama set. The bad news is that the set won’t be available in May, as we’d originally heard – instead it will be available in June. The good news is that the set will in fact contain little diecast miniatures of the boys in grey. Jeff Koch, Johnny Lightning...

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Movie Comics.

By on Apr 2, 2003 in MISC | 0 comments

Always happy to find another funny web comic, I direct your attention to Movie Comics, where the comics have a, uh, movie theme. The most recent one takes a look at my two favorite busters of ghosts – the Ghostbusters and Scooby-doo. Here’s hoping they’ll do a repeat when the second Scooby-doo movie comes out. credit |...

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