Johhny Lightning diecast diorama – Update.

Well, here’s some good news and bad news about the Johnny Lightning Ghostbuster Diorama set. The bad news is that the set won’t be available in May, as we’d originally heard – instead it will be available in June. The good news is that the set will in fact contain little diecast miniatures of the boys in grey. Jeff Koch, Johnny Lightning Brand Manager, recently posted on the Hobby Talk forums that the set would contain the Ecto-1 (apparently not the Ecto-1a previously released by JL), a NY city police car (seen way below at the New York Toy Fair), and the four Ghostbusters wielding their proton packs. Yes. Four. As in, “Winston inclusive”. So, time to start sucking up to your local specialty retailer.
For comparison, see the figures in the already released Back to the Future diorama set, seen above.

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