GB script by committee.

Tired of waiting, forever waiting, for a third Ghostbusters movie? Forget about it, make your own! Well, not entirely on your own.
is a
community driven script creation site, where people submit new scenes to an ongoing script – other members get to review and vote on your
scene and the winner gets added to the forever growing script.
And how do they know when to quit you might ask? I don’t know, it’s still too young a site – they haven’t finished a script yet, but the
test run is a Ghostbusters script – Ghostbusters: The Things that Ate Hollywood!.
“A former drive-in movie producer dreams of making one last great (well, LARGE) creature-feature. But now, Tinseltown is cruel to the old master (er, incessant hack). When a fatal accident delivers him to the ectoplasmic underworld, his monstrous celluloid creations go on a vengeful rampage among the living!”

The site is pretty feature filled, including a system
of automatically formatting your submission into proper script style. Nice!
At the very least it’s something new for GB fans to read and if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at writing,
why not contribute something