San Diego Comic Con 2003 round-up.

It’s hot, I’m sticky and tired from driving and flying a lot over the last few days, so I’m partially hallucinating and more than a little
cranky, but this past weekend’s last comic convention in San Diego had some cool, cool stuff and I wanted to share it now before I
wander off to other things.

As I expected the intended gathering was laden with hitches – the largest being that there was a lot going on with people
interested or committed to doing a lot of different things and in the few hours I attempted to stand in one place and
meet other Ghostbusters fans, I wished I really had a big sign with the GB logo on it. To be honest, I knew the time
was too short to properly plan.
Not that it mattered much in the end. For the most part I stumbled into a lot of fans, many of whom weren’t even there for the
gathering, but were there on their own. Yay for GB fandom!
The first group I ran into was Bryan Fear and his gang. I actually ran into them on Thursday night, but they had a
wounded crew member and were calling it a night. The above picture was taken the next day when I ran into them again. Their
presentation was amazing, including Bryan’s working PKE meter (lights and arms!) and sweet packs (that not only
included lights and sound, but one played the theme song).
You’ll note I’m not in full uniform – the truth is that I
don’t have a full uniform any more. But, given that it was San Diego, I opted for the “management-level” outfit
(which is a fancy way of saying that I wore the patch and name tag on tan colored work shirt – I liked it and it was super
practical for the four days. I was even able to wear it out clubbing without strange looks).

Below you’ll see Bryan and the boys. I should of gotten their names, but I didn’t. Sorry about that guys, the gear looked
awesome (as did their Resident Evil and Matrix costumes Saturday and Sunday.)

Also, I talked to David tell briefly –
I had just gotten into the show on Saturday morning, was tired and sub-verbal, but I somehow managed to think
straight enough to go over, say hello, and give him some stickers. I was hoping to get my picture taken with
his crew (who also had some amazing gear), but I saw them once in the distance when I was busy elsewhere and then
never found them again. Fooey. Sorry guys. I did however find this page with old pictures of them from previous

I found the 88mph Studios booth on Thursday and had a good long chat with the whole bunch of them. They had presentation
sheets of the first issue, some splash pages, concept art, etc. at their booth. They also had awesome posters
available for sale. I got one signed by everyone I could (I have the correct names and spellings somewhere, but not
right now. I’ll have to post them later). I also walked away with an extra poster signed by the production team,
which I’m planning on giving away to readers as soon as I think of an amusing enough contest.
The booth and the comic went over extremely well, to the extent that I felt uncomfortable taking up their time chatting,
as there was a constant flow of people coming by, wanting to see what the poster and art was all about. By the way, the
example pages look amazing and I can’t wait to see the final product. The word at the table was that the comic would
be available for November (meaning, keep at eye on the August and Septemeber Previews guides at your local comic shop
to see if the item is being solicited)

It was at the 88mph booth that I first heard about the Neca GB products. I’d heard nothing about this – no one had as
far as I know. The comic-con was the big unveiling and I had to run over to their booth. I chatted briefly with
Neca honcho Randy and hopefully I’ll be able to get some more information soon. In the meantime here’s what I can
tell you myself. There are two statues, both standing about 6 or 7 inches tall and they are also expected to be
out for November (I still have to confirm this.) That’s it I’m afraid, but stay tuned, I’ll see what I can find out.
Note the bases, with Stay Puft standing on cars and Slimer “standing” on piles of discarded foods. Very sweet. Netsolo and
Mattman found this link with extensive

I found a moment to wander around a meet a lot of my favorite creators. The big names were usually buffered by
long line-ups and I didn’t bother standing around, but out of sheer luck, I was looking at Powers books when I realized that
this was actually the Powers booth – I figured this out when I found Brian Michael Bendis standing across the table
from me with his hand out. I got to chat with him briefly and in what was my first moment of impulse shopping weakness,
I bought the Powers scriptbook for him to sign.
I also chatted with guys like Art Balthazar and at one point
saw Sergio Aragones walking around, but the coolest moment was when I was wandering through the freelance booths (these
are booths where young artists hang out to show off their stuff) and got grabbed in mid-stride by a guy on a phone.
He gesticulated a bit while talking on his cell, and started flipping through his portfolio book. In it he had
a page of the boys cruising down the road in the Ecto-1. After he got off the phone I caught his name, which was Ben Dale.
Ben had some cool stuff and was aware of the new comic – between his love of GB and that he was pals with 88mph Studios artist
Gabe Bridwell (Tron), who happened to be sitting one table down) I’m hoping he gets to work on the new comic in
some capacity. He had a copy of the chase picture in a handout so I picked one up, which he kindly doodled his favorite
image from the movies – Slimer scarfing hot-dogs. Ben’s got a website, which you should check out

I did get my stickers finally – the ones I’d mentioned on the boards – and while they had a few slight errors, they were
still pretty darn cool in my opinion (and recipients seemed to dig ’em). Wherever possible I tried to hand them out. At one
point I left a dozen tucked into the frame of the cons message board (the real kind, not the electronic kind) and after leaving
and then passing the board ten minutes later to find them gone, I can only assume they were liked. I didn’t think to
scan them tonight (duh), but in the future I’ll see what I can do. And if there are any extras aftere GenCon (an
attending friend took some with him) and Wizard World Chicago, I’ll see about sending out some to interested parties.

The highlight though, of the weekend, for me was attending the cartoon voice actor panels, where there were lots of
famous voice actors doing and saying lots of cool things. And if that wasn’t cool enough, I got to meet Egon himself
(in a manner of speaking) Maurice LaMarche. And you didn’t (wink). I’m going to bed now.

Here’s a toast to big things next year kids!