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The Juice mystery solved.

By on Aug 18, 2003 in MERCH |

Those nuts at X-Entertainment have once again put Ghostbusters under the microscope and revealed some juicy info. This time they go in search of Ecto-Cooler – whatever happened to it? And why the heck did it survive until 1998, nearly a decade after the last movie? My particular favorite is when they go buy some Hi-C juices that are supposed to be the liquid...

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Rollingstone features Parker Jr. lawsuit.

By on Aug 12, 2003 in GB |

In a recent online feature about (in)famous copyright battles in the music industry, RollingStone put the courtroom showdown between Ray Parker Jr. and Huey Lewis at number three. The piece is a little skimpy in the write up, but at least they include a “judge for yourself” soundfile, comparing both...

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