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1/18th scale Ecto-1 prototype revealed.

By on Sep 25, 2003 in MISC | 0 comments

This month’s Previews magazine has solicited orders for a 1/18th scale, die-cast Ecto-1. While there is no manufacturer information, one assumes that this is the upcoming car offered by Joyride Studios. As a bonus, the catalog has some pictures labeled as being prototype pictures, which includes a Slimer figure! What? With a closer look, you can see scrolling,...

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1/18th scale die-cast Ecto-1 officially announced.

By on Sep 11, 2003 in ECTOMOBILE, MERCH | 0 comments

While we’ve known about it for awhile, through various rumblings on collector message boards and through listings at online dealers, the 1/18th scale Ecto-1 has never been officially announced. Well, now it has. The one surprise is that the car (bigger than all previous die-cast Ectos and not a model kit) isn’t being handled by RC2 subsidiary ERTL, as...

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