Rollingstone features Parker Jr. lawsuit.

In a recent online feature about (in)famous copyright battles in the music industry, RollingStone put the courtroom showdown between Ray Parker Jr. and
Huey Lewis at number three. The piece is a little skimpy in the write up, but at least they include a “judge for yourself” soundfile, comparing both

More info on IL. Ecto-1a

Mere days after Kingpin set me straight about the Ecto-1a recently added to The Historical Auto Museum in Roscoe, IL. (article below – the short of it
is that it’s a John Barris replica, not a movie original vehicle), Ziggy sent in some pics he took of the car when he saw it in its old home in Florida.
You can see how the car, while a sweet restoration of a Superior Hearse (not a Miller Meteor – still, I’d drive it around town with pride), isn’t
very careful in the details (which may have been be design, in order to skirt hassles with the studio). Amoung other things, the logo is someone’s handmade version,
the ad lettering reads “Call Me”, I’m mostly certain the phone number is wrong and the roof rack is a little underwhelming (the museum said the lightboards had
been removed at some point – I doubt they were ever on this car). Still, the car is signed by John Barris (of the world-famous Barris family of
custom cars) and someone attempted to make a 3D sign board, a first movie cousin to the one seen in the second movie. Neat! Click the little pictures to
see the bigger pictures. Thanks Ziggy! PC loves gettin’

credit | Ziggy Spence

ECTO-1a lands in Roscoe, Il.

After some small confusion, some vague investigation, and a couple of emails from wise PC readers, the Ecto-1a that was purchased from
Klassix Auto Attraction in Florida a couple of months ago has turned up. The car has a new home at the Historic Auto Museum in Roscoe, Illinois.
I talked to the museum and the car was, according to them, used in filming and not a replica. At some point some elements were removed from the roof
rack – most notably
the scrolling lightboard, which makes sense, as they can be easily reused elsewhere. The car is apparently signed by custom car designer, George Barris,
who as it’s
been pointed out to me, built replicas of the vehicle, but didn’t work in the actual movie vehicles. So much for them not being replicas.
In any case, it’s still a cool item to check out. Thanks to Kingpin for the
heads up regarding the replica situation.
Historic Auto Museum
5290 Lensing
Roscoe, IL.
A display of over 60 vehicles of historical interest including racecars, presidential cars and movie and entertainment cars.
Tue-Sun, 11 am-8 pm.

credit | Doug Meyer