NECA clears up rumour.

Randy Falk is a stand-up kind of guy. He was nice and accessible at San Deigo Comic Con and even though he’s currently up to his eyeballs in prepartions for Toy Fair 2004, he found a moment to answer a few questions. First, the good news, as he confirmed that the first series of monster figures is slated for a mid-May release. Now the bad news;The UK Toyfair rumour that NECA has the likeness rights to the principle cast is just that – a rumour. Falk says he’s not sure where it started, but NECA does not have the likeness rights for the actors. I suspect that maybe the planned production of the Genome (blocky style) figures, which do include the boys in grey, just heavily stylized, led to some miscommunication on the matter. Good luck at Toy Fair Randy – we’re all rooting for the figure line.