More comic covers and an online variant!

Whew! Busy day on the comic front. After misplacing my copy of Previews shortly after buying it, I finally got it back, only to
notice that on the page that solicits the third issue of Ghostbusters: Legion, the picture of the alternate cover… is Egon! Which
is odd, as 88mph Studios had already released a scan of the gorgeous Dan Brereton cover (as in the cover is
gorgeous – Dan’s just so-so), featuring our man Ray. Just as issues one and two showed pictures of Slimer and the
Terror Dogs (as the final art wasn’t available), a concept sketch was used with the words “not finalized art” printed underneath,
which was confirmed by the release of the Ray cover.It
does however provide a neat look at what the fourth and final Egon cover might look like. In deference to 88mph, who have posted on their site that
they would be publishing a scan of the fourth alternate cover soon, I cropped the sketch heavily – you can either pick
up your own copy of Previews magazine to sneak a peek at the full, unofficial sketch,
or just wait until 88mph puts up the actual, finalized, official art.

And on that note, 88mph has posted the regular cover for the fourth issue, featuring the Ecto-1 in full chase! You can check out
the full sized version at their website. As well, it was
confirmed by Sebastien Clavet that issue one has been pushed back to March 10th. However, the delay won’t
affect subsequent issues, meaning issues one and two will come out very quickly, one after the other.

And if that isn’t enough, they also announced that, online retailers of all things cool and geeky, is working
with them to offer to fans an exclusive version of the first issue, featuring Vinz Clortho (in doggie form.) You can only
buy this comic
online now
for a super deal or online later for millions of dollars (I exaggerate – it probably won’t be
more than a few thousand. Nyuk!) According to the website, only 1000 were produced, with 500 of those being reserved
for sale at this summer’s San Diego Comic Con, which means there are only 500 availabe for sale online, so act fast and don’t
miss out.