Ghostbusters: Legion #1 sells out

Well, I was hoping that nothing big would happen, news-wise, while I was away, but there you have it; the first issue of the
new Ghostbusters comic mini-series has officially sold out. This had been mentioned by the 88mph crew a couple of days ago,
but they made an official announcement on their
website today
. And while a few fans are now frantically looking for a copy (hint: Graham Crackers Comics),
88mph couldn’t be happier that their initiative payed off.
“We’re very happy with the response we’ve received so far from retailers and fans,” said 88MPH publisher Sebastien Clavet. “Doing a book based on something as beloved as Ghostbusters was always a risk, there’s a lot to live up to, but Andrew, Steve, Serge and Blond all did amazing work. I love this book and I’m glad to see so many others do as well.”

88mph is currently looking at the feasibility of a second print run.