1/18th scale Ecto-1 rolls out… slowly

While its release has been rather quiet, the 1/18th scale die-cast Ecto-1 is actually about to be released this June. And, thanks to Dan Elektro (of the Bay Area Ghostbusters), it turns out it’s not actually 1/18th as we’d thought all along, but more like 1/21st scale. The car is a big car in real life and was made slightly smaller than 1/18th scale so as not to be too big as a die-cast car. Dan also included a lot of nice pictures of his car. I’ve put all of Dan’s pictures, as well as his comments on the car, in the Joyride section. Paul Nomad at ActionFigure.com also sent me thier review of the car, complete with even more pictures. You can check that out here. Thanks to Paul for his link, which has a link where you can buy the car online, and extra thanks to Dan, who has kept me in the loop with his early look at the
car, and who sent a buying link to Diecastexpress.com, which is the offical retailer for Joyride, ERTL, etc.

From Dan Elektro
“Just got it about an hour ago. No retail box but the unit itself is complete. A few accessories have to be put on by the owner. Those four pieces that stick up come sealed to the back cardboard, along with Slimer. The small writing that can be seen over the rear wheel appears only on the left side; it says


Driver door, passenger door, hood, and rear door all open. There is not a tray for proton packs in the rear bay; the rear door won’t open far enough to accomodate that anyway. Dunno if you can remove the whip antennas; I do not want to. Steering wheel turns the front axle. It’s attached to the base with screws which you can remove; the car rolls.”

click to see larger picture;

| credit Dan Elektro and Paul Nomad

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