NECA announces series 2 plans

Popping into the GBHQ message boards, NECA rep Randy Falk shared a few tid-bits of info. First off, the first series of Ghostbuster monsters action figures will be released in June, not May as originally announced, though May will see the NECA site cover the figs heavily, with lots of sneak peaks and in-depth looks. Secondly, the second series would be coming out in 2005 and – steady now – would include the boys in grey themselves. Back in February Falk shot down the rumour floating around the UK Toyfair that NECA had the actor likeness rights. But that didn’t mean they weren’t going to try for them apparently.
“At this time I can not confirm if they will have actor likenesses or a stylized look. We are still working on rights and approvals so I can not say more at this time. I hope to have more specific details for you later this Summer.”But first things first – NECA took the first series on the road, showing them off at the New Jersey based Chiller Theatre Horror Con and getting a massive, positive reaction from the crowd. May starts in a couple of days, so get ready to pop by the NECA site for more information about the first series figs.

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