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Tapes for sale… RGB episodes for free

By on Dec 30, 2005 in MISC | 0 comments

Paul Rudoff of Spook Central has a space problem and a clever way to solve it – in short, he’s looking to get rid of some VHS tapes that are cluttering up the house. If you’re interested in helping him with his problem, and buy a box of those tapes, as a bonus, he’ll tape some RGB episodes onto them. Or something other than RGB (the complete...

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Print is dead

By on Dec 20, 2005 in MISC |

Well, sheesh. If you came by late last night or early this morning, you may have noticed PC was down, replaced by a Network Solutions placeholder. That’s because my renewal was due last Wednesday and I plum forgot. It’s not their fault, they did remind me. A lot. I’ve just been preoccupied. It’s all good now. As an aside however, as...

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RGB DVD covers posted… everywhere.

By on Dec 20, 2005 in VIDEO | 0 comments

In the wake of Sony’s announcement that they are releasing three RGB DVDs in the new year, cover art for those discs has been apparently released – I would not catagorize them as final art, as you’ll note two of the volumes have different names than what the press release gave. Go to for the larger versions and stay tuned to see if...

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Sony announces non-season RGB DVDs

By on Dec 19, 2005 in RGB |

Why belabour the point when I can just quote; Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced plans to release The Real Ghostbusters on DVD February 28. Unfortunately they’re releasing this in a configuration that fans of the show aren’t interested in; volumes with random episodes. Volume 1: Catch Me If You Can Creatures of the Night...

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