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Ron Jeremy in GB

Ron Jeremy in GB

By on Apr 11, 2005 in MISC | 23 comments

Greetings, Fark-types – Being a site about a movie that kids have been known to watch, I neglected to add links to the websites of the two gentlemen that helped confirm this story (doesn’t count if you don’t confirm it, right?) with Mr. Jeremy himself. However, given the temporary attention, I’d like to again thank Robin at (buy his zine, youse knuckleheads) and Dimitri at (I don’t know what he’s sellin’ but buy it too!)

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After you read this, you’ll understand why I didn’t post this closer to April 1st. Here’s one that doesn’t appear in any making-of book or on the DVDs trivia subtitles;

Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy, king of contemporary male actors in adult films, was an extra in Ghostbusters. After being spotted by myself and eagle-eyed buddy Taylor at a recent theatrical screening of Ghostbusters, I set out to see if we could confirm if it was Mr. Jeremy or just someone that looked like him (though Ron Jeremy has a look all his own, so it’d be hard to imagine there being two of him out there.)

With a little help (from the Latin, meaning, “a lot”) from Robin Bougie ( and Dimitrios Otis (, it has been confirmed by Ron himself – yes, he acted as an extra in Ghostbusters. In fact, he was a little surprised by the inquiry, as the part was as he described it, “unknown.”

Around the time Ghostbusters was being filmed, Ron was just getting started in the film industry (adult and otherwise.) In the documentary Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, fellow actor Bill Margold mentions Ron trying to get him to join him as an extra on the Stallone actioner, Cobra. Given this and the fact that Ron is from and was living in New York at the time, it’s not that far-fetched. Just very odd.

To find Ron, go an hour and 15 minutes into the film, just after Peck has had the containment unit shut off. Standing around outside, Janine quips “it’s a sign alright – of going out of business”. The film cuts away to Ray and Winston pulling up behind a police barricade and crowd, and there, on the left, is Ron, trademark moustache and all. Sadly you can’t see him in full-screen versions, but with the DVD, you can clearly spot the man, circa 1984. Anyhow, I’m looking into further details, but I had to share. It doesn’t make me Don Shay, but it makes me happy.

| props to Robin and Dimitri


  1. Thats very interesting about Ron being in the background of many movies.He’d said many a time that he had been cut out of many movies. Check out my new book available on March 1, 2006 “Seeing Ron Jeremy” at

  2. he also had a speaking role in The Boondock Saints. great movie.

  3. Holy crap! I’ve been watching that movie for over 16 years and I never noticed Ron, but I definately know that part in the movie. I’m gonna check it out asap.

  4. Try looking for Dan Akroyd in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He appears in the begining after Indiana and Shorty flee to the airport. Dan Akroyd let’s the group on to the airstrip, he’s wearing a full jump suit. Check it out.

  5. Now I can die ,translation: who give a @#@!!!

  6. Hmm. You’re the strongest reaction here, sooooo…. I guess that would be you, giving a crap. The rest of us put it aside two years ago.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. he was in cleveland i like to meet him for my birthday 3 3 69

  8. how many kids minds has this idiot destroyed. this guy by no means is to be admired or worshiped. he is a loser in my book. unless of course he has repented and given his life to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    now that is the absolute truth.

  9. sounds like the only mind destroyed here is yours, “Chekky”… maybe Ron could arrange a threesome scene for your “lord” eh? Whaddayasay??

  10. Al, I say that is a response of someone who just lost a debate before even entering the ring..

    you will find that most who come to the realization they are losing or lose a debate or do not have the intellect to debate like most atheist resort to name calling like animals they have believe they have evolved into.
    due to lack of brain cells blamed on a mix of not doing homework, skipping school, going to an american public school, drugs alcohol and or watching too much porn .. hahaha
    you just got owned al..

  11. So now those where were there can say they knew him when he did his movies clothed *smiles* *winks*

  12. Waitwaitwaitwait… it’s LORD Jesus Christ now? What ever happened to J.C.? Jeezy? Man that guy has gotten full of himself.

  13. @Chekky

    Nono… Al was using “humor” It’s something we monkeys have evolved to understand and utilize. The highly religious usually don’t understand humor… unless they are Jews.

  14. Jesus Christ? He’s all about jesus christ. He’s in the King Herod’s scene in Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)

  15. who the fuck is RON jeremy sounds like a cock suckin loser to me

  16. “who the fuck is RON jeremy sounds like a cock suckin loser to me” – 12 year old

    His hand is in his jacket pocket. Many people won’t think anything of that…but there is a REASON Ron Jeremy is in so many adult films (being as homely as he is). I think I know whats in his jacket pocket….

  17. Yep, just head over to and look up the movie. Click on the “Full cast and crew” link and search for his name. He’s listed in the entry as:
    Ron Jeremy … Bystander Outside Firehouse (uncredited)

    It’s hard to see if he had been in any other non-porn movies since his entry in has over 1000 movies that he had “acted” in. Sheesh.

  18. I think I was the one that submitted it to, and I indeed did get the info from this great site. I’m surprised they actually added it; it sounds so ridiculous that I was afraid they’d reject it.

  19. this whole ron jeremy in jesus christ superstar has to be a myth. has anyone besides ron said he was in the movie? are there any pictures of ron jeremy in jesus christ superstar posted? as far as king herod’s scene goes, they seem to be 95% female with like maybe 3 or so actual male types in that scene and none of them look like ron. the closest one that looks like ron is the guy with the pony tales, but he is too skinky to be hedgehog. i think ron is lying

  20. If you think Digg was a lot of traffic, check your referrer logs to see who’s posting you at 3PM…

  21. Well crap. and hooray!
    Oh, my poor server.
    (braces self on desk)

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