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Greetings, Fark-types – Being a site about a movie that kids have been known to watch, I neglected to add links to the websites of the two gentlemen that helped confirm this story (doesn’t count if you don’t confirm it, right?) with Mr. Jeremy himself. However, given the temporary attention, I’d like to again thank Robin at (buy his zine, youse knuckleheads) and Dimitri at (I don’t know what he’s sellin’ but buy it too!)

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After you read this, you’ll understand why I didn’t post this closer to April 1st. Here’s one that doesn’t appear in any making-of book or on the DVDs trivia subtitles;

Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy, king of contemporary male actors in adult films, was an extra in Ghostbusters. After being spotted by myself and eagle-eyed buddy Taylor at a recent theatrical screening of Ghostbusters, I set out to see if we could confirm if it was Mr. Jeremy or just someone that looked like him (though Ron Jeremy has a look all his own, so it’d be hard to imagine there being two of him out there.)

With a little help (from the Latin, meaning, “a lot”) from Robin Bougie ( and Dimitrios Otis (, it has been confirmed by Ron himself – yes, he acted as an extra in Ghostbusters. In fact, he was a little surprised by the inquiry, as the part was as he described it, “unknown.”

Around the time Ghostbusters was being filmed, Ron was just getting started in the film industry (adult and otherwise.) In the documentary Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, fellow actor Bill Margold mentions Ron trying to get him to join him as an extra on the Stallone actioner, Cobra. Given this and the fact that Ron is from and was living in New York at the time, it’s not that far-fetched. Just very odd.

To find Ron, go an hour and 15 minutes into the film, just after Peck has had the containment unit shut off. Standing around outside, Janine quips “it’s a sign alright – of going out of business”. The film cuts away to Ray and Winston pulling up behind a police barricade and crowd, and there, on the left, is Ron, trademark moustache and all. Sadly you can’t see him in full-screen versions, but with the DVD, you can clearly spot the man, circa 1984. Anyhow, I’m looking into further details, but I had to share. It doesn’t make me Don Shay, but it makes me happy.

| props to Robin and Dimitri

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