GB UMD listed

The UMD format release of Ghostbusters, due August 2nd (PSP owners take note – see below), is now officially listed on Sony’s website and at (for all your pre-order needs.) According to the Sony page, the disc will present GB in “widescreen”, with two channel sound (d’accord), and subtitles for French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. “Widescreen” is in quotes, as the film was originally presented in CinemaScope (2.35:1) and the PSP has a 16:9 screen ratio, which suggests that while the UMD version won’t be as badly cropped as full-screen video versions, it won’t have the whole frame as it’s presented in the DVD versions. Let’s hope not, but with a screen that small, shrinking the height of the movie isn’t much of an option.

There also seems to be some confusion between Sony’s press release SLP of $11.59US and Amazon’s SLP of $19.95US (with their “savings” you can buy it for $14.96.) Given that Sony released an SLP of $19.94US for the upcoming DVD gift set (see below), perhaps Amazon is just confused. Time will tell, stay tuned.