Dancing Slimer… dancing

While a hard shelf date hasn’t been announced (July is as specific as it gets) at least one of NECA’s Dancing Slimer figures has made it out into the real world (suggesting that the wiggly toy could be in stores any time now.) One ebay auction for the slimer has appeared, and unlike the usual spate of pre-orders disguised as auctions, this listing actually has video footage of the dancing spud. As it seems to take forever to load on the auction page (and as not to put any unfair stress on their bandwidth) you can download the clip from PC. Please, if you’re going to want to watch it more than once, right-click to download the file onto your local machine.

The song is a little hard to hear, but it doesn’t sound like the Ray Parker Jr. version. It doesn’t actually sound like any version, which may mean it was produced specifically for the toy. The video also provides a nice look at the packaging, which is simlar to the open box the Stay Puft 18″ figure came in.

| credit to DR.J