Titan’s second Marvel UK reprint collection

As the release of Titan Book’s first TPB collection of the old Marvel UK Real Ghostbusters comics approaches, the second one has been listed for a December 23rd release. Entitled Who Ya Gonna Call?, the second volume will reprint a handful of the 180+ Real Ghostbuster comics originally printed in the UK – this is going to take a lot of volumes! I’m not sure I’d call that a final cover – something about the text looks a bit mocked up, but it looks like it’s close. Stay tuned.

credit | Timo

Review: Legion TPB (Titan Books edition)

While the 88mph hardcover collection of the Legion series continues its indefinite delay, Titan Books in the UK is poised to release their own softcover trade paperback. While missing the Dan Aykroyd foreword, the book is supposed to contain everything else to be found in the hardcover edition, including the coloured version of the convention exclusive Zeddemore Factor (see above for an example and one of writer Andrew Dabb’s best jokes.)

First off, the cover, which was solicited in an unfinal form, using Dan Bereton’s Venkman cover from issue one, has been changed to a classic black with the no-ghost logo. You can’t beat the classic look, eh?

Inside, the cover for the Zeddemore Factor (a ghost trap on a plain white field) is used for the copyright info page, which is nice, as the cover gallery only features the two main versions of each of the four issues, so it’s nice that the con exclusive art appears somewhere. The other covers aren’t represented however – this is understandable for the exclusive retailer covers, but it would have been nice for those who don’t have the reprint of issue one, with its beautiful Ecto-1 cover, but that’s minor.

The rest of the book is the four-part series – I love having the entire series in my hands at once. Finally! A reading copy, so I don’t have to sully my originals. And as icing on top, the coloured version of the Zeddemore Factor is gorgeous. I know a lot of people are big fans of Blond’s work on the Legion series, but Adam Nichols has an approach to light that I dig. Whereas Blond works in shades, Nichols uses stepped layers of colour.

But what’s a good book if it’s not a mystery? Last page of the book, which features a particularly gruesome picture of Slimer, purports that “vol. 2 is coming soon.” It’s got a ISBN listing and everything.

I know, I know – you’re guess is as good as mine. It may just be have been leg work done in anticipation of the stalled ongoing series. Stay tuned, I’m working to find out more.

[UPDATE] – Until Paul reminded me, I totally forgot to post the Amazon.co.uk link. Whoops! Thanks Paul!


Any Northwest Ghostheads attending the Penny Arcade Expo this weekend? Drop me a line – I’ll be wandering about and with luck should have some treats for GB fans.

The other guys get a DVD release – Ernie goes abroad

While Sony toys with the idea of putting the Real Ghostbusters on DVD (so far the only DVD releases have been the two UK discs, the free give-away UK disc, and the two episodes included on the new gift set) Filmation has started releasing their Original Ghostbusters cartoon on disc. Which episodes appear on the disc isn’t listed (other than the titular Witch’s Stew), but the “volume one” suggests there will be more. I’ll see if I can’t find out.

Also, for those of you in the Netherlands (look it up, you monkeys) Ernie Hudson will be appearing at the Screen Heroes Con, Sept. 24th and 25th, in Utrecht. Any Euro-ghostheads attending, take pictures! We wanna see more GB fans from across the pond.

Ik ben niet bang van geesten!

| Credit Wesley Sussenbach

GB UMD – a quick look inside

Not all of us own a Sony PSP, so if you’re curious about what the new Universal Media Disc edition of Ghostbusters looks like, now you can have a look for yourself. Funny lookin things, aren’t they?

|credit Tim

[UPDATE] Jaffone posted a link for a review of the UMD – this is good, as I haven’t got a clue what makes a good UMD. I was surprised to discover that they actually can have extras – not that the GB disc has extras, but it could have. I thought all the space was devoted to the film track, but I guess if there’s room…

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