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You might notice a little something odd about PC – don’t be alarmed, I’ve just incorporated the posting system, archives, and general goodness of Moveable Type into the website. I’ve been posting news to Proton Charging the hard way for the better part of ten years. I figure that’s enough. Plus, in spite of periods lean on news, PC has generated enough material over the years that archiving it in a fashion that’s useful to me and you has become a requirement.

So, you’ll notice things slowly changing as I move old news and articles to the new system – in the meantime they’ll remain as they are. Those items already archived may appear a little oddly – there are still a few bugs to work out.


News items have comments, which will allow you, gentle PC reader, to, well, comment. The term is misleading though – the system is so that PC readers can contribute to the news; found a sweet deal on the DVD? Let readers know! But, it’s not a message board – the GB community has enough of those already. The comment system isn’t a right – anything that doesn’t fit the PC vibe gets trashed. It’s a bit of an experiment that I’d like to see work, so no horsing around.


Ernie Hudson at GenCon

Maaan, the one week I don’t check my ICQ…
Ghosthead Eric Murphy dropped me a line that Ernie Hudson will be signing autographs at GenCon in Indianapolis this weekend. Actually, it started yesterday (hence my annoyance and missing Eric’s message until now), but it goes until Sunday, so if you live in the area or are attending, drop by, say hi! Get an autograph! Name drop Protoncharging.com!

| credit Eric Murphy

Rare RGB toys for sale on ebay

Well now, there’s something you don’t see everyday.

Just before the Real Ghostbusters was brought to a sad end, work was underway for a playset of Egon’s lab. A prototype was developed, but never made it to production, leaving fans to admire it through song, story, and the occassional magazine article. But now, dear friends, you have a chance to own it. Well, it’s not a great chance – the damn thing’s got over a week left in its ebay auction, and it’s already up to $500. But you can dream!

Maybe more to your style would be a couple of rare EGB toys produced in the UK. I’ve never seen them in North America, but there they are – Roland and Eduardo figures with their keen mini-vehicles! Relatively cheap!

| credit Justin Anderson

Oh Canada… why!? WHY!?

Those of you on my side of the border may have experienced trouble getting your hands on the DVD gift set. Well, it appears factors have conspired to delay it’s release. Rumours (or excuses, if you ask me) include a shipping strike here in the west, but I think the holiday Monday interfered with the Tuesday release. I checked Best Buy, Future Shop, and even London Drugs, and none had the DVD. Best Buy / Future Shop did say it reached their warehouse and it could be on shelves in a day or two. The UMD edition is in stores though.

“Go check on that little guy!” DVD incentive photo and Ramis/Reitman talk

Well, for those of us in Canada (or anyone in the US who missed their chance) Joey Ellis sent some pictures of the antennae topper of Mr. Stay-Puft – how very cool. Now, everyone glare at Joey with envy (just kidding Joey – thanks). And if you’re looking for something to read, Chad at Ghostbusters.net send a link for a Harold Ramis interview recently conducted to coincide with the new DVD release. There’s some nice stuff in there – after all these years, it’s nice to hear a couple of new things about the making of the movie. In addition, if you can get the video to play (I had terrible playback results) Ramis and Reitman dropped by the CBS studios to plug the set.

| credit
and Joey Ellis