IGN reviews DVD two pack

IGN has posted a look at the new DVD gift set, which compares the previous DVD releases to the DVDs included in the set. It’s a good look at the differences between the two. They also point out a couple of errors;

“Editor’s Note: Information on the back of the slipcase indicates that Ghostbusters is presented in a full-frame format; this is incorrect – both movies are presented in their original widescreen format. Also, some reference was made on internet sites suggesting that the films were remastered since the previous release; this is also incorrect.”

I was one of those sites suggesting that the set was remastered – this was because Sony was advertising that it was. Since IGN never said why they say it’s not true, I don’t know what to tell you. Hooray for the vagaries of internet journalism!

Also, they say there’s no obvious context as to why the two animated RGB episodes are included, but anybody who watches them should be able to pick it out pretty easily; each one blatantly ties into either the first or second film. Ta-da!

credit | venkmanfan49

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