I ain’t afraid of;

Here is the Ghostbusters theme song in list format.

Things I ain’t afraid of:
– no ghost

Things that make me feel good:

Strange things in the neighbourhood (partial list):
-seeing things running through head
-invisible man sleeping in bed

Pick up the phone and call when*
-(see strange things above)
– when it comes through your door
(response can be suspended if you actually want some more)
– you’ve had a dose of a freaky ghost

Who you gonna call (alternately, Who can ya call?, I think you’d better call):
-I can’t hear you

Things I have heard:
– It really likes the girls

Things I have not heard:
(see “Who you gonna call?” re. I can’t hear you)

*particularly if you are alone. if possible, don’t get caught alone, oh no.

credit | qwantz and marlo

[UPDATE] big credit to Peter Randall for pointing out that as clever as the idea is, the list is lacking, but only to Ghostbusters fans. (I didn’t make the list, I just reposted it from another guy’s site) I’m working to correct that.

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