Teletoon RGB says they’ve got new episodes

After a huge delay, Teletoon got back to cartoon maven Toren about the episodes of RGB they’ll be showing, starting tomorrow. When they got back to me, they didn’t know much of anything. But now they say that they’re showing new episodes (new, as in compared to the episodes they’ve had for a long while now.)

Here’s the episode list, from their website;

The Man Who Never reached Home
The Collect Call of Cathulhu
Bustman’s Holiday
The Headless Motercyclist
The Thing in Mrs. Faversham’s Attic
Egon on a Rampage
Lights! Camera! Haunting!
The Bird of Kildarby
Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster
Apocalypse, What Now?
Lost and Foundry
Hark Knight’s Day
Cold Cash and Hot Water
The Scaring of the Green
They Call Me Mister Slimer
Last Train to Oblivion
Janine’s Day Off
The Devil in the Deep
Fright at the OK Corral
Ghostbusters of the Year
The Cabinet of Calamari
A Ghost Grows in Brooklyn
The Revenge of Murray the Mantis

That’s 25 episodes, but the Halloween run only has 16 episodes scheduled. So, who knows which ones are showing. Maybe they’ll run more in November.

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