The Ghostbusters costume – cheap and easy!

It’s that time of year again – time for me to haul out and dust off this old chestnut;

OK, if it’s not the 15th yet, a lot of what you need to pull together an authentic costume can be found in one stop over at GBFans – it’s really the best option going, and one that wasn’t available until the last couple of years. At GBFans you’ll find what are considered the “official” pieces of uniform. From flightsuits (khaki or grey, if you want to go all Ghostbusters 2), belts, gloves… even the fiddly bits that had no real purpose, but looked good. They have most everything, at fair prices, and if you order by the 15th, you should be able to get them by Halloween.

But what if some pieces aren’t available? Or it’s after the 15th?

You’re going to have to fake it. Time for plan B and hope for the best.


You’ve only got a couple of days left until Halloween and you’re lookin’ to make yourself a Ghostbusters costume. OK, first things first – you can’t have a proton pack. If you haven’t started building one already, putting one together before the 31st isn’t going to be easy. You’re on your own. But never fear. As they say, it’s the clothes that make the man (or woman, as the case may be).
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Upcoming GB screenings

Chad at dropped me a line to let me know that Ghostbusters will be showing in a couple of places in the US this month.

Starting October 21st, anyone attending the Austin Film Festival will have a chance to see new films by Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson, as well as screenings of Ghostbusters (one of which, Ramis and Hudson will attend for a Q and A session.) (more)

But before that, in Chicago, Ghostbusters will be showing. Anyone in the area interested in hooking up with other Ghostheads in the area should check out this thread at

It’s a rare treat to see GB on the screen, so for those of you who never got to see it like that the first time ’round, now’s your chance.