Ramis talks Ice Harvest and GB3

With his new movie just about to come out, Harold Ramis gave a great interview to In Focus magazine. Ramis talks a lot about directing and writing, Ice Harvest, and his past films, including Ghostbusters 3.

“So my notion was that Hell exists simultaneously, and in the same place as our consensus reality. But it’s like a film shutter – it’s the darkness between the 24 frames. When we’re blinking on, they’re off – so we blink alternately with this other reality, which is Hell. So all the Ghostbusters would need to do [to go to Hell] is take themselves ‘out of phase’ one beat.”

This is probably the best overview of the GB3 script, as I read it. While it doesn’t provide much extra detail, it does tell you exactly what the plan was, had the third movie gone ahead.

credit | thanks to Ghosthead Nick

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