Halloween 2005 – Roundup

I’m sure there are a tonne more pictures, so perhaps a second round-up will be required, but for now, here are some great pics of Ghostheads wearing their colours and getting down on Halloween.

As ever when there’s a showing in his area, Bryan Fear rounded up the crew and went – this time he bumped into a second group of eliminators.

Top – Lynn Perry, Jeff Teel, Eddie Davis, some guy, another guy, Eric Eseke Bottom – Bryan Fear, Matt Greenberg

When he sent me the pictures, Bryan says he regrets not catching the names of the two unknown gentlemen – perhaps if they or someone who knows them sees this, speak up!

Full points to Meredith and kids – in a Halloween that saw a tonne of ghostbusters, a handful of Stay-pufts, and even a Gozer, here we have possibly the only Slimer (complete with pint-sized Ghostbusting escort – his pack is almost as tall as he is.)

Dr. J cheated – besides his Stay-Puft costume, he busted out his gear for a second night of partying – as a result he won a bunch of prizes and his picture in the paper. The big gloryhound… (just kidding Doc)

Tim the Terror Dog (right) and a THIRD entry into the Stay-Puft field (this one is way more puft-y than the other two.)

Dan Elektro and band, Fasttimes 80s, put on the ritz, and even convinced their lead singer to dress up as Gozer the Hawt… I mean, Gozerian. Destructor. Pretty. (aw nuts)

Prop builder XxEctOxX decided the usual GB gear wasn’t going to cut it and went to work building himself a RGB proton pack. I would recommend this as a good opportunity to sign up at the GB Prop Archive forums and see all the great stuff people are working on.

And since Bryan asked, I didn’t fly the colours this year – too much to do, not enough time to prepare as much as going GB deserves. But I did wear my GB shirt (not shown – it was cold.) And I had special contribution to this years traditional fireworks fun (see below – they blowed up reaaal good.)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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