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On the basis of Harold Ramis’ few comments in his recent In Focus interview (see below), has decided that GB3 is back in the running. This in turn was picked up by a lot of other sites (I’m looking at you blogosphere), which means that everyone will begin to think it’s true. However, based on Harold’s comments, GB3 is still stuck going nowhere.

You only have to read the In Focus comments to see that Ramis was talking past tense about the script and the plans he and Aykroyd had a few years ago – he wasn’t talking about now.

“I’ve read that you had a next-gen cast in mind. If you were casting those roles today, who would play the younger Ghostbusters?

Well, we had Chris Farley as one of them, Ben Stiller as one of them. It was a while ago.”

I’d like a new movie as much as you, but let’s not get carried away. This isn’t a new script and while the idea of Stiller is unique, it’s still old news about a proposed idea, not current fact.

[UPDATE] I’ve gotten two reports that the rumour-as-fact has now spread to at least one TV entertainment program and in the UK, a radio station has apparently announced that Charlotte Church will play the lead female role.

I’d like to remind people that these days, TV entertainment / radio stations just read off the internet. Plus, it’s been established for awhile that Church was a Ghostbusters fan as a kid. It’s an interesting mutation strain to the story, but it doesn’t change anything.

[UPDATE] MSN has adopted the story, apparently through CP (Canadian Press.) When a supposed serious news portal adopts it as true, you know it’s going to live for a long time. Interesting to note that Ramis is quoted as saying he’s a “huge fan” of Stiller. Ramis says no such thing in the original interview. Yahoo News is also awash in GB3 stories – the problem here is that as a portal, Yahoo News has the vaneer of respectable, even reporting AP/CP/etc news, but combining it with their search engine, which spits back “news” from most middling sources. Here’s another bit of “quoting”;

MSN report, attributed to Ramis – “When the Ghostbusters step out of this portal, it looks just like New York but it’s hell.”

Actual Ramis quote – “And when we step out of the chamber, it looks just like New York, but it’s Hell.”

So, yes, the facts are the same, I just always assumed quotes were, you know, accurate.

[UPDATE]There’s an interview from about a week and a half ago – Ramis was in Austin for the film festival. The interview is short and lightly touches on Ghostbusters, but not a third movie. Later, Stiller is mentioned as part of the new generation of comedy filmmakers (again, Ramis never says he loves him.) And later still, Ramis mentions he’s developing a property for Owen Wilson. I predict the Stiller/GB3 news will roll in Wilson soon enough (especially as the two have starred together before.) You heard it here first – but don’t believe the hype.

[UPDATE] Who the Hell (pun intended) is WENN? I initially blamed for this mess, but Yahoo News UK has picked up the story, and it’s attributed to WENN as well. I looked it up (you know, using the Internet to fact-check) and it’s the World Entertainment News Network. So, now I know who to blame – one subscription news service, who bent the news to make it tastier, and we have a lie.

You know, I’m not that old, but I do remember a time when the new services at least TRIED to keep the wires clean (if only so they wouldn’t have to clean up the mess later.)

Well, I’m looking at you WENN. You got it wrong. Can you set it right?


  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do NOT cast Ben Stiller as a Ghostbuster. I dont know how other people feel but personally – we need some new “up and comming” stars to reprise the Ghostbuster roles! Thanx

  2. 1) It’s not my call – and the people who’s call it is, don’t read this website. :)

    2) The whole point of the post was that it’s not likely going to happen, at least not soon.

    Which means you can relax – stack up the probability that this movie will get made with the probability that Ben Stiller would be involved, and you’d be better off buying a lotto ticket than bet on this Ben Stiller nightmare of your’s ever coming to pass.

  3. I think it’s about time people start to ask what it would take for GB3 to see some action… c’mon there’s enough GB fan sites out there that prooves there’s a huge fan following. I wish there was a way to get the attention of Dan and Harold and really drive the point accross that we *need* another GB movie…

  4. There’s no need to get the attention of Dan and Harold – they know there’s interest in this movie. They can’t do a single interview without being asked about it. And after all, they did write a script.

    It’s not for their lack of trying that it isn’t getting made, it’s that in order to make a movie, a lot of people all have to agree and head in the same direction. They tried to head – Ernie Hudson was willing to join them. But that’s not enough. Someone has to agree to foot the bill. And that’s always tough.

  5. I honestly think Ghostbusters should be set where it is. I don’t like this scirpt concept, it seems more like fan fiction than anything. And I don’t want to see the franchise burn away with a bad sequal, and it would be bad.

  6. Well, it’s a tricky thing – I think you always run the risk of falling on your face everytime you try to return to the well. I think the core idea of the script is perfect – in fact, it’s nicely high concept. I think the one stumbling block would be the expansion of the cast to a much bigger company. Which is also a great idea (and should have been touched on in GB2, but they didn’t go there) – but it’s tricky.

    In any case, it’s all speculation and personal preference. Who knows where it will all end up.

  7. I always thought it would be quite interesting to see the concept of GB3 in the form of a Real Ghostbusters epsiode. I’ve been re-watching alot of RGB and I can mentally make the connection between the two…

  8. GB3 would have to be a tight, tight script to get the grrenlight, regardless if any rumors are ever true. Also, the subject would have to be taken very seriously. By that I mean a good script, a good director and quality actors. With the way movie audiences are going nowadays, I don’t see the studio taking a chance in killing the franchise (even as dead as it is) with another bad sequel. I think GB3 is a pipe dream. Look for a GB1 remake in the next 10 years, before another sequel IMO.


  9. i can imagine Vince Vaughn doing a peter venkman

  10. Yeah, I couldn’t see Ben Stiller in this movie even if it were true. If I were to choose actor’s for the group, they would mirror the Original GB personalities and out of all the actor’s from the Stiller/Wilson Brothers/Ferrel/Vaughn/etc group, I don’t see some of them being able to fill in those roles that well. Although if I were to choose one or two, I think Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson could do it. Yet, that’s the thing. Whenever you have one of them, it always seems another few from that group would show up in the movie. I mean do you really want to see the same people over and over that we’ve already seen? I mean I like the movies Dodgeball, Old School, Wedding Crashers, a variety of Stiller movies where Owen Wilson always seems to show up, if he’s not a star also, etc. Yet, I’m sure some of you or thinking, “enough is enough” some times. Of course don’t get the wrong impression, I’d love these guys to do a Ghostbusters 3 and it would draw in tons of money, but I’m trying to look at this in terms of both sides, those who love these guys and those that can’t stand them. The latter might be tired of it, of course people who love these actor’s in films together could always bring the argument, maybe this is just a sign that, hey, maybe some of these guys were meant to star in a Ghostbusters film together.

    Of course, until we actually hear true news of a Ghostbusters 3, none of this matters.

  11. OK so the rumours may not be true-but does anyone know what the GB3 referencs on the Blues Brothers special edition DVD extras are all about?

  12. Well, I think this rumors-not-true thing
    might actually help the original cast re-consider and actually start talking about a 3rd installment. If Danny would just take a look at all the comments in all the showbiz webbies around the internet will realise that there is a HUGE fanbase and Sony that a GB3 would mean $$$!

  13. First off the bugdet for the specail effects can be paid off its not like no one will see this movie its gonna be Number 1 at the box office. And Ben Stiller, hell no. The new Ghostbusters should be Jack Black, Carlos Mencia, Jerry O’Connell and a new face as Oscar. And keep all the orignals don’t kill them off or anything and add a modern twist to the movie its been about 17 years since GB2. And if they can’t make a good script and the new characters suck you can always base it on Extreme Ghostbusters.

  14. To All GB Fans!!!
    Listen up!!! There will be a Ghostbusters 3 there are proof GB3 articles and Proof GB3 posters for 2008! GB3 is even on the news it said that Dan Aykroyd has written a new script and Ben Stiller WILL replace Bill Murray! Castewar is a jerk he has OLD GB3 news tell him straight there WILL be a GB3 in 2008! GB Fans had made some cool GB3 trailers too Check it out! PS. Why would someone makeup a false article about GB3 Castewar is a FRAUD about this not me or the GB Fans!

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