GB3 rumours NOT true.

On the basis of Harold Ramis’ few comments in his recent In Focus interview (see below), has decided that GB3 is back in the running. This in turn was picked up by a lot of other sites (I’m looking at you blogosphere), which means that everyone will begin to think it’s true. However, based on Harold’s comments, GB3 is still stuck going nowhere.

You only have to read the In Focus comments to see that Ramis was talking past tense about the script and the plans he and Aykroyd had a few years ago – he wasn’t talking about now.

“I’ve read that you had a next-gen cast in mind. If you were casting those roles today, who would play the younger Ghostbusters?

Well, we had Chris Farley as one of them, Ben Stiller as one of them. It was a while ago.”

I’d like a new movie as much as you, but let’s not get carried away. This isn’t a new script and while the idea of Stiller is unique, it’s still old news about a proposed idea, not current fact.

[UPDATE] I’ve gotten two reports that the rumour-as-fact has now spread to at least one TV entertainment program and in the UK, a radio station has apparently announced that Charlotte Church will play the lead female role.

I’d like to remind people that these days, TV entertainment / radio stations just read off the internet. Plus, it’s been established for awhile that Church was a Ghostbusters fan as a kid. It’s an interesting mutation strain to the story, but it doesn’t change anything.

[UPDATE] MSN has adopted the story, apparently through CP (Canadian Press.) When a supposed serious news portal adopts it as true, you know it’s going to live for a long time. Interesting to note that Ramis is quoted as saying he’s a “huge fan” of Stiller. Ramis says no such thing in the original interview. Yahoo News is also awash in GB3 stories – the problem here is that as a portal, Yahoo News has the vaneer of respectable, even reporting AP/CP/etc news, but combining it with their search engine, which spits back “news” from most middling sources. Here’s another bit of “quoting”;

MSN report, attributed to Ramis – “When the Ghostbusters step out of this portal, it looks just like New York but it’s hell.”

Actual Ramis quote – “And when we step out of the chamber, it looks just like New York, but it’s Hell.”

So, yes, the facts are the same, I just always assumed quotes were, you know, accurate.

[UPDATE]There’s an interview from about a week and a half ago – Ramis was in Austin for the film festival. The interview is short and lightly touches on Ghostbusters, but not a third movie. Later, Stiller is mentioned as part of the new generation of comedy filmmakers (again, Ramis never says he loves him.) And later still, Ramis mentions he’s developing a property for Owen Wilson. I predict the Stiller/GB3 news will roll in Wilson soon enough (especially as the two have starred together before.) You heard it here first – but don’t believe the hype.

[UPDATE] Who the Hell (pun intended) is WENN? I initially blamed for this mess, but Yahoo News UK has picked up the story, and it’s attributed to WENN as well. I looked it up (you know, using the Internet to fact-check) and it’s the World Entertainment News Network. So, now I know who to blame – one subscription news service, who bent the news to make it tastier, and we have a lie.

You know, I’m not that old, but I do remember a time when the new services at least TRIED to keep the wires clean (if only so they wouldn’t have to clean up the mess later.)

Well, I’m looking at you WENN. You got it wrong. Can you set it right?

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