Ghostbusters Legion hardcovers prepped for shipping

It’s been a wait, but it’s almost over – 88mph Studios sent out an email today to everyone that ordered a copy of the Legion series hardcover letting them know that the books will start shipping soon.

“We will send your book(s) at the address on your PayPal file at the moment of purchase.

We have not started to ship the book(s) yet and we will inform you when we do by email and on this page.

If you changed address between the time you ordered and now please inform us of your new shipping address by using the proper subject line “Address Change” in the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you have not changed address then nothing is required form your part at the moment.

We Thank You for your order and hope you will enjoy your purchase.”

If you ordered the book, but don’t recieve an email regarding it within 24 hours, or if you’ve changed your mailing address since you initially placed the order, 88mph asks that you contact them (select the appropriate subject line from the drop-down menu.)

This is a good time to remind everyone that if you placed your order through Graham Cracker Comics, your order is fine and will be shipping soon as well.

[UPDATE] Clarification on any orders placed through Graham Cracker Comics.

The email notifications were sent to all customers who have ordered through this website.

If you ordered through then you will not recieve a notification email from us (or them) as we simply don’t have your information. We apologize for any inconvenicences this might cause.

However it should be noted that Graham Crakcers is a serious and well respected comic book store chain that has years of experience in online ordering and they manage their database with great care.

This means you don’t have to contact them to make sure your order is still valid, if you haven’t canceled your order with them then they already have your information on file and your order is still valid.

You only need to contact them if you have moved and need to have your order ship to a different address than the one you originally gave them when you ordered.

Other than that they will ship your order when they recieve their own shipment from us!

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