Rick Moranis releases new country album – and it’s hilarious!

While he hasn’t been on the big or small screen in awhile, Rick Moranis hasn’t been idle – somewhere along the line Rick cut a country album and The Agoraphobic Cowboy is now available.

Presented in more the western style (as in, “we have both kinds of music here; country AND western”), the songs have a wry, witty edge. For example, the Johnny Cash Hank Snow classic I’ve Been Everywhere – about a man who’s been, well, everywhere and lists the names of all those places – is reworked into I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, about a guy who doesn’t want to leave his house, and lists all the reasons why not, including the internet and a kid getting mauled by a bear.

Those of you who are a fan of Moranis (and especially if you remember his musical work on You, Me, The Music, and Me and SCTV), you should check this out. Ask your local record store, but it may only be available to buy directly from his website (yes, his website – don’t get too excited, it’s geared entirely towards the album, via Artist Share.)

credit | General Taylor

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