More Ramis in Austin

After helping to spark that painful bout of GB3 rumours, Ain’t It Cool News has a new interview with Harold Ramis at the Austin Film Festival – the piece talks a great deal about his new movie, Ice Harvest (opening November 23rd), a bit about early work with a pre-SNL Bill Murray (very interesting), and a small amount about Ghostbusters 3, which covers everything we’ve heard before. Ramis’ last words on the matter confirm what a lot of people always suspected;

“In the end, it sounds greedy, but the deal couldn’t be made. We as an entity… Me… well, I’m low man on that totem pole deal-wise, but Ivan, Bill, Danny and me couldn’t make a deal with the studio. There wasn’t enough left for the studio.

And I can’t say my heart was really in it, you know… making the third one.”

credit | 88mph Studios

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