Titan’s Hard Day’s Fright hits stores

After much anticipation, A Hard Day’s Fright has finally landed in North American stores. To celebrate, I’ve posted my interview with one of the creative staff behind Marvel UK’s Real Ghostbusters comics, Dan Abnett.

Now, here’s the break-down of the book. First off, it’s smaller than I thought. I had it in my head that they’d be more the size of the UK annuals or at least standard comic size, but the perfect bound book is, well, see the above photo.

Inside are 21 stories and five of Dan Abnett’s Spengler’s Spirit Guides (Ghosts, Demons, Ectoplasm, Spooky Noises and Lost Cities.) Absent are the short strips and puzzles originally printed, in favour of the longer stories.

It’s great to see these in print, available to a continent of fans who haven’t seen them before. However, I was surprised to see that the comics are literally reprints – they appear to be scans taken from the old comics. The colours have a muted quality you see when you scan old comic prints as well as a hint here and there of the moire patterns caused by scanning the small dots of ink used to colour the pages. Don’t get me wrong, they look nice, with only one page with a colour shift blurring (caused by the printing process) and if they were in fact using scans, touching up was likely done. I was just surprised that original art wasn’t used – perhaps they weren’t available. We do know that a lot of the original art sheets can be found on the collectors market for sale.

Whatever the case (I’ll stop being a publishing nerd now), for $8.95 this is an excellent way for young and old fans to get their hands on some (likely) new Ghostbuster tales.

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