Whose house? My house…

To Whom it May Concern;

You’re upset that 88mph Studios hasn’t shipped the Ghostbusters: Legion hardcover yet – I feel your pain. I don’t have my copy either.

You’re unhappy that your complaints on message boards haven’t produced a result, even on 88mph’s own message board. Maybe you even sent an email and heard nothing. I empathize, but what can I do?

You’ve decided that your indignation with them gives you a reason to abuse my comment system to continue your complaints.

You are wrong.

If you had made your comment in a news post that actually related to the comic, I’d have let it slide. But you wanted people to read your comments, so you put it in the latest news post, which has nothing to do with the comments. To me that says you have no respect for me and my site. It says you think you have special privilege over everyone who visits here and contributes to the discussion of news properly.

Well, I have a special privilege too – it got it by paying for the site every month and maintaining it every day for the better part of a decade.

It’s called IP banning.

And if you ever do that again, I’ll use it.

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