Print is dead

Well, sheesh.

If you came by late last night or early this morning, you may have noticed PC was down, replaced by a Network Solutions placeholder. That’s because my renewal was due last Wednesday and I plum forgot. It’s not their fault, they did remind me. A lot. I’ve just been preoccupied. It’s all good now.

As an aside however, as I’ve been rooting around in my account info, I discovered that according to the records, as of last Wednesday, has existed for 7 years. Which by extension means that Q2, 2006, Proton Charging will have been around for 10 years.



The question then, is how does a website celebrate 10 years online? I have a few things I’ve been meaning to do; I’ll probably get around to them, possibly as part of some half-assed celebration. Put for fun, I’ll put the question to you, dear reader. What do you think PC should do to mark the occasion?

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