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GB hardcover not dead, just in a coma.

By on Jan 31, 2006 in MISC |

Just got an email from 88mph on the situation of the long delayed hardcover edition of Ghostbusters: Legion. Hello Everyone! Long time no “talk”, mea culpa as they say. Mistakes were done, lessons were learned and here we are. First off, the Hard Cover situation. The only reason why it is impossibly delayed (not canceled) is caused by a low ordering...

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GB soundtrack re-issued.. again. This time with bonus tracks

By on Jan 30, 2006 in MUSIC | 0 comments

Two years after BMG released a bargain edition of the movie soundtrack, Arista records (who originally relased the soundtrack in the 80s) is set to release a new edition February 28th. The disc is billed as being remastered, but that’s such a vague term it’s tough to say what that means. What is intersting is that the new CD will featuer a 6 minute...

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DVDs to be repackaged

By on Jan 26, 2006 in VIDEO | 0 comments

March 14th, Sony Home Entertainment will be releasing “repackaged” editions of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 on DVD. As far as anyone can tell, this is code for “we’ll make more money that way.” Each movie will be sold for a SRP of $14.94. This is five cents cheaper than the double pack is currently available for. So, if you want my...

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A little surprise

By on Jan 25, 2006 in MISC |

I’ve known this was coming together for awhile, but sat on it. Now that it’s done, it’s going to take me a few days to transcribe it and post as an article – but I can’t sit on it any more, so here’s a little surprise for you all (requires an mp3 player). Please feel free to spread the...

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Lapointe selling more of his GB artwork

By on Jan 21, 2006 in COMICS |

Serge Lapointe is offering more of his Ghostbusters comic art for sale on eBay – this time it’s another Legion page and a page from comic convention exclusive. Check it out here (other art, including some great GI Joe art is also...

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