GB hardcover not dead, just in a coma.

Just got an email from 88mph on the situation of the long delayed hardcover edition of Ghostbusters: Legion.

Hello Everyone!

Long time no “talk”, mea culpa as they say.

Mistakes were done, lessons were learned and here we are.

First off, the Hard Cover situation. The only reason why it is impossibly delayed (not canceled) is caused by a low ordering versus a high printing cost. Now is it fans fault ? Hell no. Is it my fault ? Who else really, so yes.

I probably should have done it in soft cover first, maybe I should have done more advertizing, I should have done more of this and less of that. At the end of the day what is important to know is when do you get your copy.

The only way for me to compensate for the low ordering is to finance the difference myself, hence making this process very slow. However there is something you the fans can do to help out by simply letting me know about a few things. I will post polls tonight and just let me know what you think about various things.

Polls will be posted in the Literature section of

Again I apologize for the aggravation this is causing everyone but I can say that there is not one day that I don’t work on solving this unfortunate delay. Apologizing does not absolve all my sins, I realize that but I hope you will all participate in the polls which will definitely help.

Mistakes were done, lessons were learned and better things are to come.



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