NOW they tell me…

Sony has announced that they will be releasing video bundles of popular movies that exist both in DVD and UMD formats. The Ghostbusters DVD and it’s PSP format cousin will be available together for just over $28US, April 25th. Sony says this is to offer customers the freedom of choice. If it’s freedom, then why ain’t it free?

This would be great, if Sony wasn’t one of a number of studios fighting to create laws that stop people from copying their movies in one format onto portable devices – like the PSP.

Why now, you might ask. Well, Sony’s about to offer Blue-Ray discs this summer an their plan is to bundle both the DVD and Blue-Ray versions together, to offer consumers “flexibility”. Ghostbusters is not currently set to be released in the first wave of Blue-Ray discs (likely because older movies aren’t the best showcase for next level HD formats.)

credit | gbnj-david

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