Vote now, vote often – Ghostbusters Clix

Wiz Kids Games, makers of HeroClix, Mech Warrior Clix, and a host of other collectible figure and card games, is going to make a new game using horror figures, and they want you to vote on what you’d like to see.

There’s Army of Darkness – that’d be cool. Oh, and the original Universal Monsters. AND GHOSTBUSTERS!

Why are you still here? Go vote. Then tell your friends to vote.

You may need to sign up on the Wiz Kids forum to vote – if you’re not into Clix, then I’m reluctant to tell you to sign up, just to vote. It’d be nice to win, but not at the cost of looking like vote spammers.

It’s all good apparently – a number of people who don’t have accounts were able to post without signing up.

credit | Martin C.

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