Ghostbusters 2 to show in SoCal

The La Jolla Village Cinemas will be holding a 7-week series of midnight movies in April, and the theme is sequels. While you can’t go wrong with Terminator 2 and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, Ghostbusters 2 will be showing April 8th, so mark your calendar.

Bryan Fear of the WestCoastBusters will be there, I’m sure in full gear – word has it that the theater is looking for a replica Ecto-1 to put in an appearance, so if you have one (I looked in all my coat pockets, I don’t have one), you should contact them. Free popcorn, easy.

And this is a really good time to mention that the WestCoastBusters (THE hardest working GB team I know – they show up EVERYWHERE!) have overhauled their website. Check it out!

credit | WestCoastBusters

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