RGB DVDs released – and they’re cheap!

Well, they’re finally out, and the best that can be said is that they’re cheap to buy ($9,99CDN at HMV – Best Buy didn’t get its order.)

As expected, the discs are intended to be low-price point for parents to pick up for the rec room collection of DVDs the kids can trash (the Quick Start sticker on the cover is a dead give-away.) Viewers are give a chance to see the trailers for Zathura, Stuart Little 3 (all computer animated), and Open Season (which is good for a giggle.)

Sadly, being bargain basement discs, the quality of the episodes is, well, VHS. Possibly they were mastered FROM someone’s old VHS tape, I dunno (That’s a little over the top, but Ghostbusters of the year was pretty fuzzy – I want to watch it again, just to see if my first impressions are right.) I haven’t listened to the sound enough to comment yet. I watched a couple last night and it’s not as bad as I thought and I had an independant expert has a look and they think it’s pretty good too – not perfect, but not bad.

If you found copies at a good price somewhere or just have something to say (OTHER than how they should put out a full series set), go for it.

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