This past weekend, Saturday Night Live ran a TV Funhouse animated short in which Winston puts in an appearance. I missed it, but it was, I understand, a choice piece of social commentary in honor of Black History Month – I think.

Even though I missed it, Wheelhouse did me (and by extention, all of you) a service by sending me some screen grabs. Thanks!

credit | Wheelhouse

Bernstein soundtrack officially released on CD

For those of you who have spent years looking for the Elmer Bernstein Ghostbusters soundtrack or have for those of you that found the bootleg of average quality, it appears that Varèse Sarabande, purveyors of rare soundtracks, is releasing a Sony sanctioned version of the soundtrack.

For $19.99US, plus $6.50 shipping (North America – abroad costs more) you can get your hands on one CD of 39 tracks – the track breakdown covers the same material as the bootleg, if not more, but it is arranged into much shorter tracks, including three “bonus” tracks.

You’d better get one now however, as the run is currently limited to 3000. Ghostbuster fans and soundtrack collectors alike will be looking to get their hands on this one. The website says they will start shipping the discs March 16th.

It’s interesting, Varèse Sarabande carries a number of hard to find soundtracks by Bernstein, including Stripes and Spacehunter!

credit | Phantomfriar2002

[UPDATE] The track listing looks similar to an alternate bootleg (Spook Central lists it at the bottom) – both have 36 tracks. This edition however has the three bonus tracks. The company is a well regarded company, and Ghostbusters, along with their other Club releases, has been reported as official on a number of soundtrack websites.

There was a small, promotional soundtrack released years ago, upon which many of the bootlegs out there are based – it’s very possible that Varèse Sarabande is releasing that same promotional edition, along with the three bonus tracks (one of which is an alternate version of one of the compositions.)

[UPDATE] Interesting fact; Varèse Sarabande is producing 3000 of the Ghostbuster soundtrack – the other three soundtracks are only seeing half as many. So, clearly they expect the CD to be very popular. With luck, perhaps it will spur a second edition. Or maybe a small run of the second movie’s score by Randy Edleman – sure, he’s no Elmer Bernstein, But I still liked it.

Second Titan RGB book out

The second collection of Marvel UK’s Real Ghostbusters comic, Who You Gonna Call?, came out this week (a month later than originally expected) – I just picked my copy up at my local comic shop. As last time, the small format, perfect bound book features a collection of reprints from the weekly British comic series, including a handful of Spengler’s Spirit Guides (written by Dan Abnett – click here to read PC’s interview with Abnett.) I’ll have to check, but this edition seems a bit bigger than the first one.

GB Soundtrack for your iPod

As copies slowly surface here and there, fans debate whether or not they’ll buy a soundtrack they alrady have just to get two songs not available on the previous edition of the soundtrack. Well, part of that problem can be solved easy.

iTunes is offering the soundtrack for the usual $9.99, or most of the individual tracks for 99 cents. I say most because Disco Inferno by The Trampps is only available with the album (iTunes typically reserves a more sought after song for album purchases only.) But if you want the 12″ cut of the theme song, you can buy that for a buck (which is handy for those of you with the vinyl or picture records, but want a playing copy.)

thanks | staypuft428 & Rene